New Oxford Preschool is a private child development center that offers bilingual preschool education, performing academic tasks within the A calendar.

New Oxford Preschool arises from the idea of ??its founders Alejandro Sierra Valencia and Samy Betancur Osorno of creating a different and innovative institution that could meet the needs of nowadays children and at the same time would be able to meet the differences that characterize each one of its students; stimulating and empowering their capacities from a bilingual environment, emphasizing in the usage of English from everyday life activities.

New Oxford Preschool was founded in September 2013. On January 17, 2014 began its first academic year in the same bulding that occupies the school currently. It is located in the suburb of Pan de Azúcar,  municipality of Sabaneta, department of Antioquia.

The efforts of all staff (educators, managers and assistants) will be focused on developing an Institutional Educational Project that provides its students with a space that generates genuine enthusiasm for learning and evokes gratitude towards life, people and the earth. It will be a child development center capable of integrating feeling, doing and thinking to transform sentient, intelligent and active human beings to the invention of a better world


Our Mission


New Oxford provides a safe, happy and stimulating educational environment in which children are valued as unique individuals.  Learning through play and interaction in a place where they have empowerment over their environment promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement where children are prepared for their next steps in learning.


 Our Vision

We visualize developing a future generation of leaders who value global welfare and approach their life challenges with integrity, resiliency and kindness.


 Our Goal

Our goal is to cultivate curiosity, build up resiliency, and promote appreciation for the world around us so that young minds can succeed by means of:










Appreciation for the world


How to get

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